Final Goodbyes are Hard until You Heart Dr. H Speak

From years of practicing emergency medicine, I can attest to patients and caregivers admirably fighting the good fight and becoming exhausted and harmed in the process. I care for people who work too hard against their better nature, neglecting to align their ailments and afflictions with acceptance and compassion. The end of suffering often occurs with easing up, enlightenment and vacation.

One of the best prescriptions I offer patients lists a day off from work. Better yet, a retreat. At the end of life patients need permission to die along with a refuge of tender loving care that nurtures them until the end. I wrote Wishes To Die For as the next medical breakthrough, encouraging patients to reward their efforts throughout life with a good death. A person only rests in peace when the mind quiets and the heart speaks. This discipline of listening to the heart was not taught while I attended Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, but on a yoga mat once I relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Yoga connects me with a higher power and instills peace through releasing tension. It’s a mini-vacation I give myself and more importantly to others. When I feel nurtured, I am better able to nurture others. When I lessen the expectations of myself and others, I find solace and liberation. Graceful Departures™ is the ultimate experience of letting go of having to do more, drifting while meditating and sitting passively so that a divine light shines on me and emanates from me.


Graceful Departures™ is a personal mission, professional recommendation and public service initiative to instill harmony and peace at the end of life. An individual rarely lives and dies in isolation and risks becoming vulnerable and harmed by caregivers and healthcare providers who tend to prolong life. This human operative system of self-preservation requires spiritual oversight. The end-of-life conversation generally pits man against nature, man against man and man against self. Essentially, these mind-body conflicts find resolution from amazing grace that streams from the heart.

From the voice of experience and compassion, I speak to health conscious individuals, organizations and institutions that are engaged in personal well-being, lenient healthcare delivery and spiritual awareness during the time to die. These conversations take preparation, determination and resolution which are the same heart-centered principles I bring to my presentations. This enlighten philosophy honors the mutual promise to alleviate undue suffering through all being on board with the inherent benevolence of Graceful Departures™.

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