Ask Dr. H

Dr. Haselhorst is passionate about having end-of-life conversations before patients and caregivers arrive in the emergency department. Therefore, he is offering 15 minutes of his time for free to clear up any confusion and concerns regarding appropriate end-of-life care. We share this end-of-life experience and rightfully need to learn from one another. The importance of this profound conversation is discovering what is being said and not said regarding the physical matter and spiritual realm of life and death.

Spiritually speaking: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you (Luke 11:9). The goal this free 15-minute consultation is to open the proverbial door to discussing this line of thinking:

• Illness subjects patients to being vulnerable
• Vulnerability sabotages dignity
• Dignity requires proper words to define it
• The right words lead to awareness
• Awareness leads to empowerment
• Empowerment overrides fear with purpose
• Purpose provides guidance
• Guidance enlists both the devil’s advocate and guardian angel.


“Kevin’s perspective helped me re-frame my views on death, as I faced my mom’s passing, making the loss I was feeling less difficult to face and more meaningful to me.”
~Bren Shropshire, consultant and columnist, Healthy Solutionz, Greensboro, North Carolina

“When my mother was struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, Kevin was the friend who continued to remind me that loving her meant letting her go gently.”
~Barry Brooks, friend, Phoenix, Arizona

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