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The 7 C’s of Graceful Departures are keywords that unlock the mystery of what dignity means to most of us during the process of dying. These secret passwords allow us to navigate from here to the afterworld with ease and tranquility. The incremental order of the “C’s” provides the metaphorical footing to climb to the top of the mast and see more clearly into the distance. Each step or “C” provides a thought-provoking value that arouses a deep-seated emotion and spiritual enterprise. Truly, awareness unites thought with feeling and intention with fulfillment.

Through sailing the 7 C’s of Graceful Departures™, readers will gain:
1. Composure: The Ocean of Self-Control

2. Competence: The Ocean of Self-Discipline

3. Commitment: The Ocean of Integrity

4. Certainty: The Ocean of Dignity

5. Conformity: The Ocean of Harmony

6. Compassion: The Ocean of Abundance

7. Comfort: The Ocean of Absolution
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