The Gateway to Palliative Care through the ER

A Nurse Practicum and New Perspective for End-of-Life Care

Many are called, but nurses are chosen to comfort the dying. — Dr H

Most people are afraid to talk about dying and often neglect to comfort those dying. Emergency nurses are not like most people, they say and do the unthinkable and unmentionable on a daily basis. The prospect of paying respect to those dying is seemingly above and beyond the call of duty, yet needs to rest capably and squarely upon emergency nurses’ shoulders and their triage expertise.

~Excerpt from Module 2
Learning Objectives

When you finish this course you will be able to:
  1. Envision and explain a new social compact regarding end-of-life care that prioritizes patient dignity over medical intervention.
  2. Recognize patients who are near the end of life and triage them to an appropriate level of care.
  3. Discuss why the art of indifference is an effective coping strategy and allows patients free choice to “take it or leave it” (medical intervention).
  4. Ascertain that end-of-life assessment includes understanding the medical condition, medical prognosis, quality of life, personal preference, and good conscience.
  5. Instill peace of mind as being the best care plan that necessitates informed consent for palliative care and implied consent for hospice care.