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A leading voice for compassionate end-of-life care, Dr. Haselhorst speaks to individuals, organizations and institutions that are passionate about personal well-being, lenient healthcare delivery and spiritual awareness being provided during the time to die. This enlightened philosophy honors the mutual promise to alleviate undue suffering through all being on board with the inherent benevolence of Graceful Departures™.

End-of-life conversation requires preparation, determination and resolution similar to the principles he brings to his various speaking engagements. Great voids and gaping wounds exist in end-of-life discussions. Dr. H brings his diverse experience of wound healing and pain management to those traumatized by the threat of death or grief in its aftermath.

Dr. Haselhorst is a sought-after speaker for:

Caregivers – Insightful Medical Perspective

• Emergency Preparedness: What to Think, Say and Do
• Wishes To Die For: Advance Care Planning through Introspection

Civic Organizations – Empowering Personal Responsibility

• Healthy, Conscious End-of-life Choice
• Self-determination Asserts Dying with Dignity

Spiritual Communities – Enlightened End of Life Pathway

• Amazing Grace: Essential to Dying with Dignity
• Yoga Evokes Stillness at the End of Life

Healthcare Students and Providers – Engaging Patient Spirituality

• One Universal Healthcare Directive
• Spirituality in the Art of Medicine


Survey comments from Gateway EOL Conference:

“Thank you for having Dr. Haselhorst. He is so knowledgeable & well spoken. He knows the topic well & presents an insight belying his age.”

“Universal healthcare director Dr. Kevin gave us the enthusiasm the table needs. Thank you for a very good workshop.”

Others write:

Dear Dr. Haselhorst: Thank you for taking time to give the presentation at New Vision on Wednesday. I think your mission is vital to the well-being of those who are very ill and especially to the elderly. ~Clare Goldsberry

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